Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apples and Oranges

24"x30" Oil on Canvas
I have been asked many times to show some of the paintings I did as a commercial artist. Usually, I would email some of my images since I didn't want to mix apples and oranges by having the illustrations on my blog about fine art. Well, I am working on a big painting and it won't be any new posting for at least a week, so here is a western illustration for a book cover from long time ago, when I got the title: "spaghetti western artist" (remember Italian western movies?). Even today, I am wondering was this title a compliment or the publishers just joked with me.


James said...

Did you purposely make the cloud form a white hat over the character? :^)

These are a far cry from your fine art work. I found your work from Neil Hollingsworth - his work is also a lot different from yours!

Miro Sinovcic said...

Well James, I painted it long time ago in my other life when I was an illustrator. You have good eyes, as you know, sometimes in art things happen by accident. In my fine art I want to be everything opposite I was as an illustrator.

cora said...

Don't knock your venture in illustration. It is part of who you are. Who knows where the Wyeth s would be without it, or Norman Rockwell.