Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Time in Atlanta
I always thought "southern hospitality" was just a slogan, but the city of Atlanta proved me wrong. I ended up talking with everybody I met, known and unknown. Even the cleaning ladies in Marriott Hotel had time to chat with me.
Opening of "Atlanta Cityscapes" show was great success, the gallery was packed, and as on any artist's gatherings, there was no lack of subjects for the conversations.
John Penninger, my son's friend made my life much easier by driving me around the town and to and fro the airport. Atlanta's artists Karen and Neil Hollingsworth came to the opening, which was a pleasant surprise considering we didn't know each other except exchanging couple of emails.
It looks things are going great in Atlanta, well, except for Atlanta Falcons, but having NY Jets in my town, who am I to criticize?

Karen Hollingsworth

Neil Hollingsworth

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