Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Boathouse Central Park

48x24 Oil on Canvas
This attractive landmark and restaurant is known for its beautiful view of Central Park Lake, and it is a perfect antidote for the daily stresses of Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

what visual stimulation! feels like summer already. r

indiaartist said...

It is so sunny and vibrant.

ArtGirl said...

This just sparkles...I spent many days there! Just last summer I took my girls for the first time when we were visiting and they were amazed something like this was so close to the busy street!
You did it beautifully. I hope to get down to Cape Cod soon and see your work at the Wynne Falconer Gallery. I saw your name on their website and we are not far from the cape!

TSL said...

Wonderful, Miro.

FCP said...

This is just stunning!