Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fog Over Times Square

18x24 Oil on Panel at Union Gallery
Lambertville, NJ
The end of November usually brings rain and fog to the city. Here is a twilight of a late fall day on Times Square. And the Christmas tree is up in Rockefeller Center, just waiting for 30,000 lights.
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Anonymous said...

hi Miro, this is such an atmospheric piece: it captures all the elements of autumn in a busy city: interestingly, the orange glow of the lights suggest autumn leaves! and the greying distance, chilly and mysterious. r.

Arcobaleno said...

Hi dear friend, sorry for the first comment deleted...but my language is...italian so I have some difficulty... This work is wonderful.. as usual!!!!!

Dean H. said...

Wonderful vision of a cold misty fog, Miro! I really like the reflective pavement!

Ana Márquez said...

You have capptured the "spirit" of the street. Congratulations and sorry for my bad English.

Greetings from Spain.

Unknown said...

A fabulous painting, Miro!!

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Now this is the what does it for me ........ what wonderful atmosphere - I can feel the cold and damp seeping into me as I look at it.
It should be donated to a worthy cause .... so you know what my address is ;-)

Great stuff

SJF said...

Nice one Miro! Great feel for the atmosphere and mood of the area in the fog.