Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Share Everything

16x12 Oil on Panel
According to my favorite book, "All I need to know I learned in kindergarten", the very first thing you should learn is share everything. And in the big city's roads, this means share the road. Some other time, will tell you what else we could learn in kindergarten.
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Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Miro,I am coming to NYC with a couple artist friends in May and would love to view some of your work. You don't list a gallery in Manhatten. Is there someplace we can view your stunning paintings?

Ana Márquez said...

"Sharing the road", yes.
Great work! A big hug, friend!

Dean H. said...

I like your sign series, Miro. The compositions would be endless.

I have something for you. Stop by my blog and pick it up! If you don't choose to accept it, I understand. :)