Friday, December 2, 2011


It's time for my art show in the city, New York City that is. It will start on Wednesday, December 7th, and the opening will be on 
Thursday, December 15th, 6-8PM  
1133 Avenue of the Americas, Show Walls (6th Avenue and 43rd Street)
New York City
Hope to see you at the opening!

Here is what the curator, Mr Lanny Powers, thinks about my art:
The work of Miro Sinovcic is compelling in ways that few others are. His slightly out of focus, quasi-impressionistic approach presents an image which is gripping to the mind's eye because it exists in perfect balance between realism and abstraction. His calligraphic brushstroke demarks patterns that haunt us with a tangible reflection of retinal order, while the lyrical scene he paints taunts us with the recognizable world. When these almost contradictory aspects merge, it is the paradox resolved. 
In this series, Miro has chosen to forgo the rich color we are accustomed to in his work, and concentrate on a binary palette evocative of the winter season.  This limitation concretizes the abstraction even more than usual and lends a melodious musicality to the painting. There is a clarity of form in these canvases where the absence of color reveals and reinforces structure. These exquisite dances of brushwork reward the viewer with an unforgettable experience that we constantly re-discover in our daily lives. We recognize Miro's vision as we survey the world around us, and we see the truth in the old dictum, “nature copies Art”.

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