Friday, November 23, 2007

Sunset in the Village

30"x45" Oil on Canvas at Timmons Galleries
Why are the sunsets in three colors (yellow. orange and red)?
Here is what science says:
The objects are mostly illuminated by transmitted rays from the sun which are depleted in blues and greens scattering by the of dust particles, aerosols and transient atmospheric density fluctuations.
Hope, you will agree my painting describes the sunset quite well, without a single word.
P.S. Please, check the Timmons Galleries ad in December issue of American Art Collector magazine.


Stephen Magsig said...

Beautiful color and I really like your simplified brushwork. It really works on the cityscapes.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so atmospheric. I would love to have your work on my walls to look into everyday.
best wishes

Miro Sinovcic said...

Thank you, guys!
If you have chance, check the paintings in the galleries. It is only way to experience brushswork and the atmosphere.