Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vincent Sinovcic 1933-2010
A personal note:
I was a child when my older brother Vincent, left our native country. He took with him my only possession, a wristwatch I got for my first communion. He needed it more than me. After wandering for several years through Western Europe, he emigrated to the country of his dreams, USA. Some 30 years later, I came to America, and brought with me few of my possessions, like a pair of skis. We hardly recognized each other, and after all these years, I still remember his first words: "By God, who comes to America with skis"? Later, he gave me back my old, broken wristwatch. Don't know how, but I lost that watch.
And today I lost my brother.
If you have some wine, please have a glass for Vincent, a historian, a writer and a dreamer.


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Miro, I am so very sorry for your lost. I do have a glass of brandy here with me and I toast you and Vincent.

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Hey Miro

Heartfelt condolences my friend - I will be around to chat should you feel up to it, so feel free to Skype me when you are ready.

Take care,

Dean H. said...

I deeply regret your loss, Miro.
I shall have a glass of wine tonight in memory of Vincent.

God Bless, Dean

ivana mlinar said...

Our deepest condolences Miro.Didn't want to bother you at this moment but we'll give you a call one of these days.Now it's the time to celebrate Vincent's life and all the knowledge he gathered and left to us.

Ivana & Frane

Ana Márquez said...

I'm so sorry, Miro. I think, he can see you now from the Heaven, and he smile happy.

A very sweet story of the watch.

Un gran abrazo, amigo, a big hug for you.

Chris Beck said...

So sorry for your loss, Miro. I will raise my glass to Vincent tonight.

I hope he was able to live his dreams...


FCP said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Miro. May your memories of Vincent bring you peace.

Scott Parker said...

So sorry for the loss Miro. I will pour a glass and pray for a peace that will embrace you like a warm familiar coat.

Unknown said...

Dear Miro,
I just found your post today and am truly saddened to learn of the loss of your dear brother. Your tribute to him is heartwarming and I can sense your devotion to him. Please accept my sincere condolences.

smellyrhinostudio said...

I'm so sorry I missed this post and I'm sorry you had to say goodbye. Beautiful tribute, you write so eloquently. I will tip a glass for him tonite.
All my love,

beckielboo said...

Dear Miro,
I know I'm late, but I am so deeply touched by your tribute to Vincent. I lost my only brother 13 days after our Mother passed. Thank you for sharing your honor to Vincent. I'm so glad you had time with him after so many years.

Linda Rauth said...

I've admired your art over the years and noticed your posting about your brother's passing, which I am very sorry to hear and express my condolences. Your story was very touching. I am from St. Louis, Missouri, and my father's name is James Joseph Sinovich. He is 74 years old and has visited Croatia many times. He located some of his cousins while over there and made a living playing piano and accordion (he plays by ear and is a lot of fun on the piano). He ended up on the Crotian-Italy border due to the Bosnian-Kosovo wars that broke out and wasn't able to return home until the war was over. Do you still have family there? I was wondering if we might be related? My name is Linda Sinovic Rauth. I'm only a quarter Crotian, half Austrian (Bauer), and the other quarter a mix of German-Scotch-Irish (a pinch of each). I love Croatian Tamburitza music - some very haunting and the more exuberant kind as well. If you could let me know if we might be related, however distant, I would love to hear from you.


Miro Sinovcic said...

Thank you Linda!
Please contact me on my email address: